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Technology and Innovation for Every Day Life

Let us be your stepping stone into the future and modernize your way of life.

With our help you can modernize all the features in your house. The service could be a simple tv mount, or the ability to control every single electrical device in the palm of your hand, Norton Technical Services is the company for you. We can change out light systems to give you control of the atmosphere, or install software to make sure you know your doors are locked. I'm not talking about the big box store specials, or the tv ads promising full home security with only a few sensors. Surveillance Cameras are always our number one in customer satisfaction, with professional installations. Our professional installation includes a more reliable wired system with all the cables concealed. We can provide 360 degree HD live camera footage so you will always know you and your family are safe.

Working with the big corporations make it impossible to have a personal connection with clients and their needs. Over the years we have combined the best of both worlds, the efficiency of the big box store but include the detail and professionalism for a more client focused business. We work one on one deciding what is best for you and for your budget.

Sure, everyone loves wireless and I am not here to convince you other wise. I only want to educate and provide resources that are sometimes left out of your sales promotion. Don't be taken advantage of when it comes to signing up for a new telecommunications contract. (internet, tv, security) We provide consultation so there are no surprises in your bill, or the day of install, which we can also be a part of.

Protect Your Home the Right Way

Learn All About the Advantages that Our Systems Have to Offer

All of my customers will hire my company for one thing, but will be so impressed with the quality of the work I will be back for their new project. Technology is always advancing, I am here to help you keep up with the newest products and innovations, or just help make what you have easy to use.

Personalize Your Experience

We do not mind to travel. Currently our office is based out of Palm Beach Gardens but have some of our top clients are in Delray, leading all the way north to Fort Pierce. 

Accessible from All Locations

Be in Touch

Consultations are just the beginning,

Don't hesitate to call, email, or text.

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I like to focus on one main job at a time, so know you have my full attention while accommodating your request.

Providing Quality and Personal Service

Even if I am on another job, I will get back to your call/text/email that same day or first thing the next morning.

When it comes to networking or home surveillance, I use the most advanced equipment and software available. I will never compromise customer security for cheap product.

We can speak over the phone or have an onsite consultation, depending on the job requirements. All on-site consolation fees will be waived with the go ahead approval.

Fast Performance
Telecommunications  Support
Top Security

User friendly technology

We Will Be you're Telecommunications Middle Man. Stop wasting your time calling Comcast and At&T about your issues. Then you have to wait for the technician to arrive and re-explain your issues. Let us deal with them: tv not working? muffled phone calls? bad modems? These are all issues we could resolve without you having to waste your precious time. Given your permission we will schedule the appointments and work with your telecommunication providers directly.

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